Nigel Rowell

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Chilblain lupus erythematosus (LE) is a chronic unremitting form of LE ssen predominantly in women. It occurs commonly on the digits, calves and heels. Nasal lesions are rare. Chronic facial discoid LE usually appears before the chilblain form but, in most instances, resolves even though the chilblain lesions persists. Transformation to systemic LE occurs(More)
Anticardiolipin antibodies of IgG/IgM class were detected in seven of 28 patients with systemic sclerosis including five of 16 patients severely affected by extensive visceral disease. This severely affected sub-group also showed significant elevations of plasma levels of von Willebrand factor antigen in 10 cases and serum C1q binding activity in seven(More)
The clinical and serological findings in 13 patients with myocardial infarction and antiphospholipid antibodies (the 'lupus anticoagulant', antibodies to cardiolipin, antibodies to phosphatidylethanolamine (one patient] seen by our unit and other units from 1984 to 1989, are presented (eight males and five females, ages ranging from 20 to 52 years). Five(More)
Sera from 39 patients with systemic sclerosis were examined for a cytotoxic effect on human umbilical vein endothelium. Although none of the sera produced direct cytotoxicity of 51Cr-labelled endothelial cells, even with added complement, nine sera did produce increased 51Cr release when co-cultured with endothelial cells and normal human peripheral blood(More)
Seventeen patients with proven systemic sclerosis had a peroral jejunal biopsy performed. Four biopsies were regarded as showing abnormalities, which were mostly confined to the deeper structures, although in two there was a minimal degree of villous atrophy without epithelial cell changes. Passive intestinal permeability, as assessed by the(More)
Phytohaemagglutinin-induced lymphocyte transformation and circulating thymus-dependent (T) lymphocyte numbers were studied in twenty-eight patients with systemic sclerosis (SS), in fifty normal controls and eleven elderly controls. Patients with SS were found to have impaired lymphocyte transformation responses which showed a positive correlation with both(More)
Seventy-one patients with systemic sclerosis (SS) were typed for twenty-seven HLA alleles of the A and B loci, and the findings were related to both the extent of visceral disease and tests of cellular immune competence in a subgroup of fifty-two of these patients. Nineteen pa;ients with widespread visceral involvement and more rapidly progressive disease(More)