Nigel Richardson

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We assessed total antioxidant capacity using three different methods, in plasma samples treated with either EDTA or heparin as anticoagulant, from 26 healthy subjects. Total antioxidant capacity was determined using an oxygen electrode (as the total peroxyl radical-trapping antioxidant parameter), by enhanced chemiluminescence, and by measurement of the(More)
The treatment of cells sensitive to the anticellular effect of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) with TNF results in a degradation of their cellular DNA into DNA fragments that are multiples of 200 base pairs. TNF treatment of cells resistant to the anticellular effect of TNF, but bearing receptors for TNF, fails to result in any DNA fragmentation. Incubation(More)
PURPOSE Perianal sepsis is traditionally treated by incision and drainage, with packing of the residual cavity until healing. This study was designed to show that perianal abscess may be safely treated by incision and drainage alone. METHODS Healing times, analgesic requirements, pain scores, abscess recurrence, and fistula rates were compared between two(More)
The treatment of cells with TNF or IFN results in the development of an antiviral state and in the induction of a common set of proteins with m.w. of 80,000, 67,000, and 56,000. The induction of the 80,000- and 56,000-Da proteins after TNF treatment is dependent on the synthesis of an intermediary protein, whereas the induction of the 67,000-Da protein(More)
Evidence of clinical competence for medical students entering the clinical clerkships at the University of Kansas College of Health Sciences is established by passing two different examinations: a 100 item multiple choice examination and a videotaped history and physical examination by each student of a simulated patient, being rated by that patient and two(More)
Uppingham, a small market town in the East Midlands, suffered repeated typhoid outbreaks in 1875-6, centred on its famous boarding school. A fierce battle developed between the school doctor and the local medical officer of health (MoH), with the Local Government Board (LGB) struggling to satisfy the various parties, many of which had a vested interest in(More)
Interferon (IFN) treatment of cells induces the synthesis of several new proteins. Antibody to the IFN-induced 42,000 dalton protein has been prepared and used in the study of this protein. The synthesis of the 42,000 dalton protein is dependent on de novo RNA synthesis, as its induction can be blocked if actinomycin D and the IFN are added to the cells(More)