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Changes in the Form of Knowledge in Social Work: From the ‘Social’ to the ‘Informational’?
This paper examines the changing form of knowledge in social work over the past thirty years and its implications for theory and practice. In particular, it considers the impact of new systemsExpand
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Child protection systems : international trends and orientations
1. Introduction Neil Gilbert, Nigel Parton, and Marit Skivenes I. ANGLO-AMERICAN SYSTEMS 2. Trends and Issues in the U.S. Child Welfare System Jill Duerr Berrick 3. Canadian Child Welfare: ChildExpand
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Risk, Advanced Liberalism and Child Welfare: The Need to Rediscover Uncertainty and Ambiguity
The purpose of this paper is to analyse and reflect upon the current state of child welfare policy and practice and how this has changed over recent times. In the process it aims to make aExpand
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Safeguarding Childhood: Early Intervention and Surveillance in a Late Modern Society
Following the Children Act 2004 and the launch of the ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ programme, England has embarked on the most ambitious changes in children’s services for over aExpand
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Child Protection: Risk and the Moral Order
Current Issues in Child Protection and Child Abuse: Common International Themes - The Contemporary Discourse of Child Protection - Orthodox Approaches to Child Abuse Risk: A Critical Appraisal -Expand
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Governing the Family: Child Care, Child Protection and the State
Social Work, Social Regulation and the Family - Child Care, Prevention and Partnership - Child Abuse, Authority and Risk - Sexual Abuse, the Cleveland Affair and the Private Family - Co-ordination,Expand
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Rethinking Professional Practice: The contributions of Social Constructionism and the Feminist
A targeted fluid delivery system (110) is provided for delivering a treatment fluid (F) into tubes (I) of a tube and shell type heat exchanger such as in a condenser (C), typically used in a powerExpand
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Problematics of government (post) modernity and social work
This paper attempts to locate contemporary developments and tensions in social work within current debates in social theory concerning the problematics of government and (post) modernity. It arguesExpand
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Constructive Social Work: Towards a New Practice
What Do We Mean By Constructive Social Work? The Nature of Contemporary Social Work and its Knowledge Base Some Theoretical Orientations of Constructive Social Work Towards Constructive Practice TheExpand
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Reforming Child Protection
Child protection is one of the most high profile and challenging areas of social work, as well as one where children's lives and family life are seen to be at stake. Vital as child protection workExpand
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