Nigel R T Pashley

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OBJECTIVE To describe our experience using laser excision and locally injected mumps vaccine to induce remission in patients with recurrent respiratory papilloma (RRP). SETTING Tertiary care regional medical center. PARTICIPANTS Initially, 11 children with RRP treated in a pilot study with laser excision at regular intervals for at least a year without(More)
Retropharyngeal abscess is a rather rare, deep-neck infection of children and may seriously compromise the airway and mimic other diseases. A retrospective review of 17 cases of retropharyngeal abscess presenting to The Children's Hospital, Denver, from 1976 to 1986 was performed. Nine children (56%) had stridor or airway obstruction. Seven patients (41%)(More)
Placement of tympanostomy tubes is the most frequently performed otolaryngologic procedure. The common practice is to forbid swimming and to recommend limitation of liquids entering the external auditory canal based upon the premise that liquids entering the external auditory canal will pass freely into the middle ear space via the tube and thus contaminate(More)
Thirty neonates with acquired airway stenosis were treated between 1975 and 1979 at the C. S. Mott Children's Hospital of the University of Michigan. Neonates surviving a period of ventilation are at risk of developing subglottic stenosis (8.3%). The stenosis is often severe. Children with respiratory distress syndrome and/or neurologic disorders were(More)
Acute epiglottitis is the most treacherous inflammatory process that can affect the respiratory tract. It can be a cause of sudden death in children. The clinical features of this entity are reviewed and our experience with its management at The Montreal Children's Hospital during the past 25 years is presented. The establishment of a "secure" airway by(More)
  • N R Pashley
  • 1982
Sudden hearing loss from simultaneous rupture of both oval and round windows, occurring in the only hearing ear of a child, is described. The condition was surgically managed with recovery of hearing. Of particular note was the presence of air aspirated into the labyrinth at the time of membrane rupture, which has not previously been described. The possible(More)
The non-healing granulomas of Wegener and Stewart (Wegener's granuloma and lethal midline granuloma) have been recognized since 1897. A mainstay of therapy has been the empirical application of treatments based upon theoretical or pathological assumption, and we are only slightly closer to classifying these diseases. Between 1967 and 1975 eight patients(More)
Children born prematurely are now enjoying improved survival with advances in neonatology and ventilatory support. A study of upper airway size in specimens from 39 prematurely born children reveals 7.7% having a cricoid ring diameter greater or equal to the diameter of the tracheal rings. The more commonly expected relationship of the cricoid ring being(More)
Sudden hearing loss from spontaneous perilymphatic fistula in a child managed by prompt surgical intervention and with recovery of hearing has not previously been reported. The historical and contemporary theories of fistula formation are reviewed. A child with spontaneous oval window rupture associated with a congenital malformation of the stapes and(More)