Nigel P. Field

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When symptomatic individuals selectively attend to emotionally relevant stimuli, the ability to shift attention away from such material is impaired. Subjects may, however, seek to avoid further processing of these stimuli, which would facilitate attentional shifts. This was examined in a group of abstinent alcoholics' responses to stimuli related to(More)
CONTEXT Millions of Cambodians suffered profound trauma during the Khmer Rouge era (1975 to 1979). A joint United Nations-Cambodian tribunal (the "Khmer Rouge trials") was empanelled in 2006 to prosecute top Khmer Rouge leaders and began substantive hearings in March 2009. OBJECTIVES To establish the prevalence of probable posttraumatic stress disorder(More)
Thirty-nine bereaved individuals completed the Continuing Bonds Scale (CBS), assessing various aspects of the ongoing attachment to the deceased, at 60 months postloss in a longitudinal conjugal bereavement study. They also completed symptom measures at 6, 14, 25, and 60 months postloss. Higher CBS scores were associated with a more elevated grief-specific(More)
This article describes a semantic space model of personality. According to the model, representations of facets of the self (e.g., actual self, ideal self) and of others are arrayed in a semantic space, with proximities among representations predicted to be associated with mood, self-evaluation, and broad personality dimensions. The relation of proximities(More)
The impact of parental styles in intergenerational transmission of trauma among mothers who survived the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, in power from 1975 to 1979, and their teenaged children was examined in 2 studies. In Study 1, 46 Cambodian female high school students and their mothers were recruited. Each daughter completed anxiety and depression(More)
A one-year longitudinal study was conducted investigating the psychological effects of the news of genetic testing for the Huntington disease (HD) gene. Participants were assessed at baseline (before obtaining news of test results) and at three, six, and 12 months after test results on stress-specific symptom measures. Among carriers of the HD gene, a(More)
This study addressed the validity of the prolonged grief (PG) construct in a Cambodian context. Eighty mothers who lost a young adult daughter stemming from a crowd stampede incident during the annual water festival were interviewed at the six-month post-loss point along with a control group of similarly aged women who were not recently bereaved. Both(More)
The relation of self-esteem variability to personality, mood, and behavior was investigated. Self-esteem variability was measured by calculating the standard deviation of self-ratings made during a week of experience-sampling. Participants high in self-esteem variability were self-conscious, socially anxious, and avoidant of social contexts. Self-esteem(More)