Nigel Nicholson

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The richness of the career field is astonishing, as this volume testifies. Indeed, many contributors point out that there is much more out there that we could be writing about and researching. Casting one’s mind back a few decades to the first collected volumes of writings on careers, one is struck by the contrast—then the field was dominated by a few quite(More)
This paper studies workers’ lives in modern Britain. It uses longitudinal data to examine stress and job satisfaction through the decade of the 1990s. The results are disturbing. On both measures, the wellbeing of British public sector workers worsened sharply over the decade. The size of the deterioration was between one half point and one full point on a(More)
A B S T R AC T Theories about trading in financial markets are well developed and practically influential. However, traders’ behaviour within these markets appears to deviate substantially from that predicted by theory. Using data from a study of traders within financial markets in London, this article seeks to document this apparent paradox and assess its(More)
The role and operation of transport in the health sector in developing countries is important, costly but often taken for granted. This article suggests the need for a fresh look at the policy, planning and management of transport through the analysis of the essential components of a successful transport scenario for health services in developing countries(More)
We use the concept of niche construction—the process whereby individuals, through their activities, interactions, and choices, modify their own and each other’s environments—as an example of how biological evolution and cultural evolution interacted to form an integrative foundation of modern organizational leadership. Resulting adaptations are formal(More)
The paper examines the management of traders in financial markets from the perspectives of agency and prospect theory. Using interview data from a sample of traders and managers in four investment banks, the paper argues that managers focus on avoiding losses rather than making gains. This focus emerges from the characteristics of managers and the nature of(More)
The Special Issue reflects a growing interest in Darwinian ideas and their increasing application to work and organizational issues, analyzes factors that have impeded its adoption as a paradigm and considers the prospects for future growth. After a brief introduction to key concepts in the new Darwinism, some histories, and controversies are traced. Causes(More)
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