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In general, stomatal density (SD) decreases when plants are grown at high CO2 concentrations. Recent studies suggest that signals produced from mature leaves regulate the SD of expanding leaves. To determine the underlying driver of these signals in poplar (Populus trichocarpaxP. deltoides) saplings, a cuvette system was used whereby the environment around(More)
Current Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems designed to recognize dysarthric speech require an investment in training that involves considerable effort and must be repeated if speech patterns change. We present CanSpeak, a customizable speech recognition interface that does not require automatic training and uses a list of keywords customized for(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a new method of using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and k-means clustering to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of Event-Related Potential (ERP) measurements while permitting standard statistical comparisons to be made despite the inter-subject variations characteristic of ICA. METHODS Per-subject ICA(More)
There is a growing interest in the use of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)-based systems that employ gyroscopes for gait analysis. We describe an improved IMU-based gait analysis processing method that uses gyroscope angular rate reversal to identify the start of each gait cycle during walking. In validation tests with six subjects with Parkinson disease(More)
For many users with a physical or motor disability, using a computer mouse or other pointing device to navigate the web is cumbersome or impossible due to problems with pointing accuracy. At the same time, web accessibility using a keyboard in major browsers is rudimentary, requiring many key presses to select links or other elements. We introduce KeySurf,(More)
Music listening is an important activity for many people. Advances in technology have made possible the creation of music collections with thousands of songs in portable music players. Navigating these large music collections is challenging especially for users with vision and/or motion disabilities. In this paper we describe our current efforts to build(More)
We present a novel method of combining eye tracking with specially designed virtual environments to provide objective evidence of navigational strategy selection. A simple, inexpensive video camera with an easily built infrared LED array is used to capture eye movements at 60Hz. Simple algorithms analyze gaze position at the start of each virtual maze trial(More)
One of the major obstacles with current web access solutions for those with physical disabilities is the efficient selection of links and other web page elements. This is especially so for users of single switches. Current solutions simply build a list of the selectable web page elements and use a linear scan to iterate through them, selecting the(More)
Individuals with cognitive disability have difficulty using public transit, but little research is directed toward this issue. Recent studies suggest that smartphones may be useful assistive devices in this context. Current objectives were to (1) survey research into difficulties people with cognitive disabilities experience when using public transit, (2)(More)