Nigel Linge

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Domestic energy consumption contributes approximately 30 percent to the UK's total C02 output. Although simple energy-saving steps can reduce the national carbon emission level by 10 percent, energy demand in housing and domestic appliances is rapidly increasing. The Digital Home Energy Management System assesses user experiences and preferences to provide(More)
within the module comprised sessions designed to place the students in the position of network design consultants who are introduced to scenarios that have a high degree of realism in which a client has specific business requirements that can be met through the adoption of a network solution. In this way, the problem-based learning thread allows the(More)
This paper presents the development of a mobile context aware geographic information system (G.I.S.) based upon IEEE 802.11 compliant standards and equipment, distributed database systems, and modular software components. Delivered across a high bandwidth wireless intranet, and developed from standard “off the shelf” products, the system(More)
Persuasive energy monitoring technology has the potential to inspire sustainable energy lifestyles within the home. However, to effect positive ecological behaviour change, a more user-driven approach is needed for the development of the technology, where the design needs to be accompanied by study on user behaviours and motivations, and the prototype(More)
— In recent years, consumer-centric cloud computing paradigm has emerged as the development of smart electronic devices combined with the emerging cloud computing technologies. A variety of cloud services are delivered to the consumers with the premise that an effective and efficient cloud search service is achieved. For consumers, they want to find the(More)
— A domestic energy management system foundation is an intelligent platform that integrates various provides effective positive behaviour change by offering end persuasive strategies in order to reason and represent energy users direct and ambient feedback based on their monitored feedback information to reach effect positive behaviour changes. energy(More)