Nigel L Williams

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British government plans to outlaw the creation of embryos which are part human, part animal are " unacceptable " and threaten to undermine the country's leading position in stem-cell science, a group of MPs reported last month. A report by the House of Commons science and technology committee called on ministers to scrap the proposed ban and accuses the(More)
1 The AES has launched a new opportunity to recognize student members who author technical papers. The Student Paper Award Competition is based on the preprint manuscripts accepted for the AES convention. Forty-two student-authored papers were nominated. The excellent quality of the submissions has made the selection process both challenging and(More)
Introduction Open standards are key to IBM's e-business on demand ™ strategy. End-to-end business processes require applications to be based on open standards like Java ™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) in order to facilitate the integration of heterogeneous components. Because most of today's existing IT applications run in an Enterprise Information(More)
Small developing countries, in contrast to their developed counterparts, are characterized by a narrow resource base, (relatively) weak institutions, and a high degree of openness. For organizations from these states, internationalization is an imperative rather than a choice due to the small home market. However, they face severe resource constraints. When(More)
The appearance of the H5N1 strain of bird flu in Europe, and particularly the outbreak reported last month in Turkey, has heightened already raised concerns about the spread of the virus and its potential to seed the next human pandemic. There are new worries about how the disease appeared to infect birds almost simultaneously in 13 provinces scattered(More)
BACKGROUND Parenting and pregnancy in the context of drug use is a contentious topic, high on the policy agenda. Providing effective support to parents who are opioid dependent, through early intervention, access to drug treatment and parenting skills training, is a priority. However, little is known about opioid dependent parents' experiences and(More)
The biofuels debate in the European Union has long been seen as a battle between politicians intent on finding a viable alternative to fossil fuels and campaign groups that claim the creation of biofuels creates potential environment damage, cuts into food production, and may be of limited effect in tackling climate change. But in a move to acknowledge(More)