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Certain natural fatty acids are taken up avidly by tumors for use as biochemical precursors and energy sources. We tested in mice the hypothesis that the conjugation of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a natural fatty acid, and an anticancer drug would create a new chemical entity that would target tumors and reduce toxicity to normal tissues. We synthesized(More)
Targeting an anti-cancer drug to tumors should increase the Area Under the drug concentration-time Curve (AUC) in tumors while decreasing the AUC in normal cells and should therefore increase the therapeutic index of that drug. Anti-tumor drugs typically have half-lives far shorter than the cell cycle transit times of most tumor cells. Tumor targeting, with(More)
PURPOSE Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-paclitaxel, a novel conjugate formed by covalently linking the natural fatty acid DHA to paclitaxel, was designed as a prodrug targeting intratumoral activation. This Phase I trial examined its toxicity and pharmacokinetics (PKs). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Patients with advanced refractory solid tumors received a 2-h i.v.(More)
The present study examined how race related to attrition in drug abuse treatment. 165 male voluntary admissions to an inpatient Substance Abuse Unit were tested at admission on functioning, motivation, attitudes, symptoms, and mood-using reliable and valid scales. One week later they completed a 12-factor scale measuring perception of the treatment milieu.(More)
Rates of sexual-partner change and patterns of high-risk behaviour are important determinants of the spread of HIV. We carried out a survey to assess the feasibility of studying sexual lifestyle in a random sample of the British population, aged 16-64 years, in November 1987. Two thousand and seventy-seven households were selected using a multi-stage(More)
The present study attempted to determine whether attendance in aftercare services could be predicted from the alcoholic's perception of the inpatient ward environment. Thirty-five Ss who completed inpatient treatment and were eligible for outpatient group therapy were followed up 3 months after discharge. One factor of the Ward Atmosphere Scale, autonomy,(More)
Stable amides of clozapine derived from fatty acids prominent in cerebral tissue might enhance the central activity of clozapine and reduce its exposure to peripheral tissues. Such derivatives might enhance the safety of this unique drug, which is the only agent with securely established superior antipsychotic effectiveness, but with a risk of potentially(More)
A batch-type zonal centrifuge has been modified and totally contained for use with biologically hazardous materials. A sealed cabinet encloses the centrifuge and the ancilliary equipment. It is operated with a flow of filtered air when the zonal system is on, decontaminated with ethylene oxide, and maintained at a negative pressure throughout. The(More)