Nigel Kirkham

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The monoclonal antibodies HMFG1 and HMFG2 identify antigens of the milk fat globule membrane which are also found on breast epithelial cells. Immunohistochemical staining was performed using both antibodies on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded sections of 93 breast carcinoma, 36 histologically benign lesions and 29 histologically normal breast tissue(More)
The association between diagonal earlobe creases and fatal cardiovascular disease was investigated in a consecutive series of 303 coroner's necropsies. Those studied all died outside hospital in the Brighton Health District. Data were analysed on the cause of death and on the type of earlobe, the presence or absence of diagonal creases, age, sex, height,(More)
Previous studies of natural killer (NK) activity in the peripheral blood of breast cancer patients have failed to show a reduction in cytotoxicity, an observation at variance with results obtained in other malignancies. Interpretation of the data however is complicated by the presence of treated and post-mastectomy patients in the groups studied.In this(More)
A monoclonal antibody (LH 7.2) to the carboxy terminal of type VII collagen has been used in an indirect immunoperoxidase method on frozen sections of biopsies of benign compound and intradermal cellular naevi, dysplastic naevi, and malignant melanomas, to label the epidermal basement membrane. Benign intradermal naevi had an intact membrane with the dermal(More)
Notalgia paresthetica is a sensory neuropathy characterized by infrascapular pruritus, burning pain, hyperalgesia, or tenderness. To assess whether the symptoms may be caused by alterations in the cutaneous innervation, skin from the affected area of patients (n = 5) was compared with controls (n = 10) comprising the contralateral unaffected area from the(More)
We have analysed the data of biopsy, tumour size, size, side and axillary lymph node status in a group of 866 patients presenting with breast cancer in Southampton from September 1975 to August 1981 and a group of 1424 women presenting with benign disease in the same period. The whole group showed a seasonal variation, with a peak presentation in June. The(More)
Microbiological and electron microscopy studies were carried out on rectal biopsy specimens and faecal samples from eight practising male homosexuals and five heterosexual controls. Rectal spirochaetosis was present in five of the eight homosexual men. The organism was cultured and morphologically identified as a large anaerobic host associated treponeme.(More)
We describe four female patients with primary splenic low-grade non-Hodgkin's B-cell lymphomas with the morphology and immunophenotype of splenic marginal zone lymphocytes. The patients presented with splenomegaly, anemia, and weight loss. The bone marrow was involved in all four cases. Liver involvement was found in one patient; and in another, a CT scan(More)
The increase in reports of novel diseases in a wide range of ecosystems, both terrestrial and marine, has been linked to many factors including exposure to novel pathogens and changes in the global climate. Prevalence of skin cancer in particular has been found to be increasing in humans, but has not been reported in wild fish before. Here we report(More)