Nigel K. L. Pope

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Consumer selection of retail patronage mode has been widely researched by marketing scholars. Several researchers have segmented consumers by shopping orientation. However, few have applied such methods to the Internet shopper. Despite the widespread belief that Internet shoppers are primarily motivated by convenience, the authors show empirically that(More)
Cluster analysis is a technique used to group objects into clusters such that similar objects are grouped together in the same cluster. Early methods were derived from multivariate statistics. Some newer methods are based on rough sets, introduced by Pawlak [3], [4]. An extension of rough sets to rough clusters was introduced in [5]. The lower approximation(More)
Both visualization and data mining have become important tools in discovering hidden relationships in large data sets, and in extracting useful knowledge and information from large databases. Even though many algorithms for mining association rules have been researched extensively in the past decade, they do not incorporate users in the association-rule(More)
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