Nigel J. Smart

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When added to suspension cultures of CATHARANTHUS ROSEUS, abscisic acid (ABA) stimulated intracellular accumulation of the indole alkaloids catharanthine and ajmalicine in both flask and 30 litre fermenter-scale systems. The response varied, and depended upon the cell line, the concentration and source of the ABA, and the growth phase at which the cells(More)
The large scale culture of plant cells in bioreactors presents problems of a different nature to those seen with micro-organisms. One particular problem is concerned with the mode of culture aeration and the effects of aeration on cell growth. Data is presented which illustrates this problem through the effects of varying rates of aeration on both the(More)
Vanadyl sulphate (10–500 mg/l), when added to cell suspension cultures of Catharanthus roseus stimulated increased intracellular accumulation of catharanthine and ajmalicine. This response was demonstrated in both flask and fermenter (30 litre) systems. The response varied, and depended upon cell line, concentration of vanadyl sulphate and the stage of the(More)
With the expansion of immobilised plant cell technology the need has arisen for a suitable vessel in which systems can be efficiently manipulated. Described is a vessel which incorporates many of the features of a fluidised bed, together with some of those from airlift technology to enable immobilised plant cells to be cultured at high biomass(More)
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