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Sheena H. Westwood is a research student and part-time lecturer in the School of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism, University of Wales Institute , Cardiff. Her research interests in Tourism Marketing and Business Tourism stem from her commercial background in the international airline industry. Dr Nigel Morgan is a principle lecturer and course director of(More)
The phenomenal growth in the number of older people in the western world is well documented, with the fastest growing group being those aged over 80 years, the majority of whom are women. Despite this demographic transformation, little research has sought to understand the meaning of tourism and leisure both for older people in general and specifically for(More)
Sixty acoustic rhinographs from subjects of three different ethnic groups (Caucasian [Europeans], Negro, and Oriental) were examined at baseline and after decongestion. The main parameters analysed were minimal cross-sectional area (MCA), the distance at which this occurred (D), nasal volume at 0-4 cm (Vol), mean cross-sectional area at 0-6 cm (MA), and the(More)
The internal and external geometry of the nose has previously been shown to differ between Anglo-Saxon, Chinese, and Negro noses. It is therefore important to define the normal geometric nasal parameters of a given race, so as to detect the abnormal nose. We present acoustic rhinometric data, with height-adjusted figures, examining the nasal minimum(More)
This paper seeks to rouse debate about the workings of tourism enquiry as a knowledge-generating system through its critical accounting of the sub-field of tourism gender research. This accounting includes a gender-aware bibliometric analysis of 466 journal papers published during 1985–2012, which categorises the sub-field’s prevailing themes and(More)
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