Nigel J Gray

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BACKGROUND Several studies in colorectal cancer (CRC) indicate a relationship between tumour immune infiltrates and clinical outcome. We tested the utility of a digital pattern recognition-based image analysis (DPRIA) system to segregate tissue regions and facilitate automated quantification of immune infiltrates in CRC. METHODS Primary CRC with matched(More)
BACKGROUND Incidence rates for adenocarcinoma of the lung are increasing and are higher in the United States than in many other developed countries. We examine whether these trends may be associated with changes in cigarette design. METHODS Lung cancer risk equations based on observations during 1960-1972 from the American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention(More)
BACKGROUND We examine whether the lung cancer risk due to smoking has increased over time. METHODS Lung cancer risk equations based on prospective mortality data collected from 1960 to 1972 were applied to 5-year birth-cohort-specific estimates of smoking behaviors among white males to estimate lung cancer mortality rates for U.S. white males from 1960 to(More)