Nigel D. Grunshaw

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AIM To evaluate prospectively the usefulness of ultrasound in determining the site and cause of distal small bowel and colonic obstruction. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ultrasound findings in 60 consecutive patients with suspected distal ileal or colonic obstruction were correlated with final surgical and radiological diagnoses. The diagnostic value of(More)
Superficial siderosis of the central nervous system is a rare disorder characterized by the deposition of haemosiderin in the leptomeninges, cranial nerves and spinal cord. The clinical features include sensorineural deafness, ataxia and pyramidal tract signs. We describe two cases demonstrating the characteristic findings on magnetic resonance imaging of(More)
In patients with recurrent colorectal cancer, the development of fistulae presents a difficult therapeutic problem. The traditional surgical approach of resection and intestinal diversion may not always be appropriate in those with disseminated or terminal disease. We present the successful use of a covered esophageal stent to occlude an enterorectal rectal(More)
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