Nigel Almond

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OBJECTIVE To compare the long term effects of short term intravenous infusions of iloprost with those of oral nifedipine in patients with Raynaud's phenomenon associated with systemic sclerosis. DESIGN Double blind, placebo controlled, randomised group comparison. SETTING Dermatology outpatient clinic. PATIENTS Twenty three patients with Raynaud's(More)
Intradermal injections of normal saline and different concentrations of bradykinin were made into the forearms of healthy volunteers. Cutaneous blood flow was recorded just outside and over the centre of the weals by laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF), and flare area and weal volume were measured. There were concentration-related changes in the mean LDF output(More)
In the majority of cases, the valuation of residential property for mortgage purposes within the UK is performed using the method of Direct Capital Comparison (DCC), a process which, appears to be widely understood, correct and sufficient given the limited space devoted to the subject within appraisal texts. However, the collapse of the UK housing market in(More)
The temperature response of the hands to mild cold stress (20 degrees C for one minute) has been measured in 20 normal subjects, 20 patients with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and 10 patients with chronic upper limb pain (CULP) of uncertain origin. The results of RSD and CULP groups were significantly (p less than 0.05) different from normal but were(More)
Under certain conditions laser Doppler flowmeter (LDF) signals obtained from the finger pulp may appear very similar to those obtained by use of a direct current (dc) photoplethysmograph (PPG). A combined LDF/PPG system was used in conjunction with a circumference strain gauge as an index of volume change to identify the conditions in which the correlation(More)
An improvement in the quality of a photoplethysmography signal derived from a laser Doppler flowmeter probe has been achieved by incorporating an auxiliary fibre in the probe head. This fibre is positioned at an optimum distance from the laser light transmitting fibre and overcomes the problem of high frequency signals which mask the detailed features of(More)
Fifteen patients with primary Raynaud's phenomenon received captopril 25 mg or placebo, three times daily for 6 weeks, in a randomized double-blind cross-over study. Compared with placebo, captopril produced a significant improvement in cutaneous blood flow but did not alter the frequency or severity of attacks of Raynaud's phenomenon.
A photoplethysmograph signal has been derived from a laser Doppler flowmeter which uses optical fibres separated by 1 mm. When compared with a conventional photoplethysmograph, the trace contains a higher proportion of random signal superimposed on the pulse. The bandlimited laser photoplethysmograph (0.5-16 Hz) was recorded from the finger in six subjects.(More)
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