Nieves Roqueñí Gutiérrez

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This paper presents a model for measuring intellectual capital (IC) within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in correlation with the key factors for the successful implementation of knowledge management (KM). Most of the existing IC measurement models are intended to cover general aspects. The kernel of these models could be customized/extended to(More)
Sir, Linezolid is a last-resort antimicrobial agent in human medicine approved for the control of serious infections caused by Grampositive pathogens. Transferable linezolid resistance is based on the multiresistance gene cfr. Although originally found in staphylococci, this gene has meanwhile been reported in various Grampositive and even Gram-negative(More)
In astronomy, the light emitted by an object travels through the vacuum of space and then the turbulent atmosphere before arriving at a ground based telescope. By passing through the atmosphere a series of turbulent layers modify the light's wave-front in such a way that Adaptive Optics reconstruction techniques are needed to improve the image quality. A(More)
This paper presents a new fault detection system in hypnotic sensors used for general anesthesia during surgery. Drug infusion during surgery is based on information received from patient monitoring devices; accordingly, faults in sensor devices can put patient safety at risk. Our research offers a solution to cope with these undesirable scenarios. We focus(More)
This study is the first report made in Venezuela concerning the ultrastructural characteristics of Ehrlichia sp in mononuclear blood cells from an experimentally infected dog. The animal developed clinical manifestations characteristic of the infection, and typical intracitoplasmic inclusion bodies were clearly seen in blood smears stained with modified(More)
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