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Feature B ecause there is no systematic way in existing use-case approaches to handle nonfunctional requirements, the authors propose an approach to analyze and evaluate use cases with goals and to structure use-case models. se-case approaches are increasingly attracting attention in requirements engineering because the user-centered concept is valuable in(More)
One of the foci of the recent development in object-oriented modeling (OOM) has been the extension of OOM to fuzzy logic to capture and analyze informal requirements that are imprecise in nature. In this paper, a new approach to object-oriented modeling based on fuzzy logic is proposed to formulate imprecise requirements along four dimensions: (1) to extend(More)
One of the foci of the recent development in requirements engineering has been the study of con¯icts and vagueness encountered in requirements. However, there is no systematic way in the existing approaches for handling the interactions among nonfunctional requirements and their impacts on the structuring of requirement speci®cations. In this paper, a new(More)
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