Niels Stevnsborg

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When Small is Beautiful: Measuring the Evolution and Consequences of the Voluminosity of Patent Applications at the EPO* The joint increase in the number and size of patents filed around the world puts patent systems under pressure. This paper addresses issues in measuring the voluminosity of patent applications and highlights patterns in its evolution. The(More)
Increasing the temperature in chemostat culture ofZymomonas mobilis ATCC 29 191 with low and high glucose concentrations was found to result in a decreasing frequency of septation leading to the formation of long filaments and in increasing outer membrane blebbing. Whether this effect is strain specific or universal inZymomonas is, unknown. Improvements in(More)
The effect of calcium chloride, over a concentration range of 0–40mM (equivalent to 0–5.88g/L), on various steady-state parameters associated with the chemostat culture ofZ. mobilis ATCC 29191, in a defined salts medium containing 100g/L glucose, was examined. In contradiction of reports by other authors that calcium chloride (>2g/L) inhibits both the(More)
The performance ofZymomonas mobilis strains ATCC 31821 and ATCC 31823 was assessed in batch and continuous culture. In batch culture using a medium containing 250 g/l glucose, identical maximum specific growth rates of 0.16/h were found, though final biomass concentration and growth yield were significantly lower for ATCC 31 823 than for ATCC 31 821. Final(More)
Growth coefficients ofZymomonas mobilis were compared in glucose-limited chemostat culture using a complex medium and a defined minimal growth medium at non inhibitory concentrations of ethanol. Under carbon and energy limited conditions in the complex medium containing yeast extract, the max. molar growth yield (YG max) and maintenance energy coefficient(More)
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