Niels Raabjerg Mathiasen

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While the domain of security dependent technologies brings new challenges to HCI research it seems that the results and breakthroughs of HCI have not been used in design of security dependent technologies. With exceptions, work in the research field of usable security may be criticized for focusing mainly on adjusting user behavior to behave securely. With(More)
are static and users need to activate the entire complex model to achieve even simple things. These models stand in contrast to the contingencies of everyday life, in which human beings choose to use the lock(s) on their front doors to match trade-offs among the general risks of the area where they live and the inconveniences of locking, alarming, letting(More)
The title of this paper describes our work at two levels. First of all the paper discusses how users of IT deal with issues of IT security in their everyday life. Secondly, we discuss how the kind of understanding of IT security that comes out of careful analyses of use confronts the ways in which usable IT security is established in the literature. Recent(More)
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