Niels Noorderhaven

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A benchmark model of a married couple's educational investment yields an inefficient outcome due to the possibility of opportunistic divorce. Motivated by findings in social psychology, I use psychological game theory to incorporate belief-dependent guilt feelings. Multiple equilibria become possible. Some marriages have inefficient under-investment. Some(More)
This paper deals with differences in the rate of self-employment (business ownership) in 15 European countries for the period 1978-2000, focusing on the influence of dissatisfaction and using the framework of occupational choice. Using two different measures of dissatisfaction, in addition to the level of economic development, the unemployment rate and(More)
• This conceptual paper examines the role of country-of-origin effects in MNCs. It deals with definitional problems and discusses both the sources of the country-oforigin effect, and the mechanisms through which it manifests itself. • The strength of the country-of-origin effect is hypothesized to be moderated by factors related to both the home country and(More)
This article describes a research project to investigate strategic decisionmaking by multi-cultural virtual teams. By 'virtual', we mean the team does not necessarily meet face-io-face and ihai ii depends 10 a large extend upon information technology to communicate. We include any technology that could be useful, from telephone to electronic mail to(More)
This study offers an empirical test and extension of Gupta & Govindarajan’s typology of subsidiary roles based on knowledge inflows and outflows. A four-fold typology of subsidiary roles – global innovators, integrated players, implementors and local innovators – is tested using a sample of 169 subsidiaries of MNCs headquartered in the US, Japan, UK,(More)
Despite decades of research, the key factors for success in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and the reasons why M&As often fail remain poorly understood. While attempts to explain M&A success and failure have traditionally focused on strategic and financial factors, an emergent field of inquiry has been directed at the sociocultural and human resources(More)
Based on a international mail survey covering 169 subsidiaries of MNCs headquartered in the USA, Japan, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, we investigate the impact of geographical distance on the role that subsidiaries play in the MNC network and the way they are managed. To this end, we compare Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries – which(More)
Learning from the partner is considered to be one of the most crucial processes in a joint venture context. Simultaneously numerous advantages of joint venture relationships characterized by trust between partners have been identified. This paper investigates the role of trust in knowledge transfer and assimilation, jointly leading to the learning outcome(More)