Niels Martin

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Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) has become the modality of choice for providing enteral access to patients who require long-term enteral nutrition. Although generally considered safe, PEG tube placement can be associated with many potential complications. This review describes a variety of PEG tube related complications as well as strategies for(More)
A resource typically executes a particular activity on a series of cases. When a resource performs an activity on several cases simultaneously, (quasi sequentially ly or concurrently, this is referred to as batch processing. Given its influence on process performance, batch processing needs to be taken into account when modeling business processes for(More)
Accurately modeling the interarrival times (IAT) is important when constructing a business process simulation model given its influence on process performance metrics such as the average flow time. To this end, the use of real data from information systems is highly relevant as it becomes more readily available. This paper considers event logs, a particular(More)
Psychogenic polydipsia, in its most severe form, can lead to acute water intoxication by way of extreme hyponatremia. This results in cerebral edema, mental status deterioration and can lead to life threatening intracranial hypertension if not identified and treated urgently. However, this treatment rarely involves surgical intervention. Herein, we describe(More)