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UNLABELLED Over one-quarter of the world's population relies on fuel-based lighting. Kerosene lamps are often located in close proximity to users, potentially increasing the risk for respiratory illnesses and lung cancer. Particulate matter concentrations resulting from cook stoves have been extensively studied in the literature. However, characterization(More)
IBMS is a concept for future mobile communication systems to provide a large range of data rates with different degrees of mobility. The integration of heterogeneous services and communication systems requires a common Network Access and Connectivity CHannel (NACCH) for basic signaling to provide permanent network access. Smart Antennas are utilized to(More)
Manufacturing technology selection is traditionally a human-driven approach where the trade-off of alternative manufacturing investments is steered by a group of experts. The problem is a semi-structured and subjective-based decision practice influenced by the experience and intuitive feeling of the decision-makers involved. This paper presents a distinct(More)