Niels K. Højerslev

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Measurements of the radiance and degree of polarization made in 1971 in the Mediterranean Sea are presented along with the simulation of all observed quantities by a Monte Carlo technique. It is shown that our independent scattering treatment utilizing a Stokes vector formalism to describe the polarization state of the light field produces remarkably good(More)
Spectral in-water measurements of downward irradiance (E(d)), upward irradiance (E(u)), and nadir radiance (L(u)) are sufficient to calculate the scalar irradiances E(0), E(0d), and E(0u), the average cosines mu, mu(d), and mu(u), the light absorption coefficient a, the backscattering coefficient b(b), and the so-called f factor that relates to R, a, and(More)
The influence of temperature on light transmission in the spectral range from 400 to 760 nm has been determined in a two-cell instrument constructed especially for this purpose. Light transmission was measured over a 1-m path length in both a photometric and a spectral mode in double-ion-exchanged fresh water and filtered seawater with a salinity of(More)
The Galathea 3 expedition started 11 August 2006 and re-entered Copenhagen on 25 April 2007. The cruise was available for science and education internationally, which constituted a unique opportunity as the ship circumnavigated the globe. The ship was comprehensively equipped with modern in situ sensors and during the cruise measurements and parameters were(More)
The local diffuse attenuation coefficients for monochromatic net irradiance and monochromatic scalar irradiance differ from the corresponding spatially averaged coefficients except when both equal an eigenvalue of the radiative transfer equation. Explicit equations to relate spatially averaged to local coefficients that may be useful when inferring(More)
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