Niels Hejgaard

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The mortality following surgical correction of upper femoral fractures was investigated in 578 patients, over the age of 50 yr, randomly allocated to receive spinal (bupivacaine) or general (enflurane or neurolept) anaesthesia. Thirty days after surgery the mortality was 6% after spinal and 8% after general anaesthesia (ns). Six months to 2 years after(More)
In a 9-year-old boy with progressive massive osteolysis (Gorham disease) of the right hemipelvis, the course was complicated by life-threatening chylothorax. A total of 42.6 L of chylous fluid was tapped over a 3-month period. A simple thoracoscopic intervention with tetracycline instillation was successful, and there has been no recurrence of the pleural(More)
In 40 patients with patellofemoral pain, intra-osseous pressure measurements were recorded under anaesthesia with the knee first in extension and then in flexion prior to performing a longitudinal osteotomy of the patella. There was a statistically significant increase of pressure in painful knees compared with normal knees (29 mm Hg. vs 15 mm Hg.), and a(More)
In order to compare partial with total meniscectomy a prospective clinical study of 200 patients was carried out. At arthrotomy 100 patients were allocated to each type of operation. The two groups did not differ in duration of symptoms, age distribution, or sex ratio. The operations were performed as conventional arthrotomies. One hundred and ninety two of(More)
Eighty patients who complained of retropatellar pain underwent evaluation by bone scintigraphy, intraosseous pressure determination, radiography, arthroscopy and physical diagnostic tests. The bone scans showed that 48% of the painful knees had an increased uptake compared with 9% for the normal joints. A highly significant correlation was evident between(More)
In a prospective stress radiographic study of the course of 21 isolated anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, primary suture was performed in eight patients and reconstruction due to chronic instability was performed in six patients. Seven patients were treated by exploratory arthrotomy only. After a follow-up period of seven years the anterior drawer(More)
An exceptional complication of a slight sports injury of the knee with rupture of the semimembranosus bursa in a 29-year-old male football player is reported. The diagnosis was verified by immediate arthrography, consequently the possibility of thrombophlebitis could be ruled out. Anticoagulation is dangerous and contraindicated in rupture of the(More)
In 42 patients with idiopathic chondromalacia patellae, the effect of anterior displacement of the tibial tuberosity was evaluated in a prospective and randomized study. The operation performed was a modified Bandi procedure, and it resulted in significant relief of the patellofemoral pains, compared with the effect of a standard shaving procedure. Shaving(More)
Forty-six patients were entered into a prospective clinical and stress radiographic study done to assess the value of acute surgical treatment of injuries to the knee ligaments sustained during sports activities. After an average follow-up period of 5 1/2 years (range 4-6 1/2 years) medial instability was found only in two patients, both of whom were in the(More)