Niels H. Lauersen

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Eight cases of hydatidiform mole with coexistent fetus are presented with special considerations of diagnosis and management. Although the incidence of this condition was one in 22,000 pregnancies, it is emphasized that the combination of a mole with a fetus should be included in the differential diagnosis of patients who have signs and symptoms of(More)
Stress radiography for anteroposterior mobility of the knees was performed in 17 patients who had undergone medical meniscectomy and 10 patients who had undergone lateral meniscectomy. Sixteen of the patients were also tested for valgus-varus mobility. An increase in varus mobility following medical meniscectomy was primarily attributed to compression of(More)
An unusual case of small cell anaplastic carcinoma of the lung, presenting as a pelvic mass, is presented. Histochemical and electron microscopic findings confirmed the diagnosis. The pathologic features and unique clinical characteristics are discussed with comments on the topic of metastatic ovarian tumors.
Bei zehn Katzen wurde die Meßgenauigkeit der tpH-Elektrode überprüft. Hypoxie und Acidosis wurde durch Änderung der Beatmung erzeugt, während durch Bikarbonat-Infusion die pH-Werte angehoben wurden. Innerhalb physiologischer Grenzen der pH-Wert-Änderungen zeigte sich eine gute Korrelation (r = 0,9) zwischen dem Gewebe-pH-Wert und den arteriellen ph-Werten.(More)
Cervical priming with the aid of a single 15-ME-PGF2a vaginal suppository prior to IUD insertion resulted in cervical changes which facilitated the procedure. A 0.5 mg 15(S)-15-prostaglandin F2a methyl ester vaginal suppository was administered one hour prior to the IUD insertion in all patients studied. The insertion was performed in all patients studied.(More)
An indirect Doppler fetal monitoring system has been developed and validated by computer comparison of simultaneous fetal heart rate (FHR) with Doppler and scalp ECG of high-risk patients during labor. The difference in measurement of FHR averaged 0.3 b.p.m., and 93 per cent of the Doppler FHR measures were within 10 b.p.m. of the ECG FHR. If(More)
Receptors specific for hCG were found in human corpora lutea and follicles. hCG and LH were found to bind at a similar receptor site. The dissociation constant for hCG ranged from 10-minus 10 to 10-minus 11 mol/1 in human corpora lutea. The number of binding sites for 125-I-hCG ranged from 10-minus 14 to 10-minus 15 moles/mg protein in human corpora lutea.(More)
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the title applied to a broad range of physical and psychological symptoms that occur cyclically, usually seven to 14 days prior to the onset of a woman's menstruation, and disappear during menstruation. Although the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome were described more than 50 years ago, recognition of PMS by the medical(More)
The influence of vasectomy on diet-induced atherosclerosis was studied in ten Macaca fascicularis monkeys. After a six-month control period the monkeys were divided into two groups and matched for cholesterol levels. Five monkeys were given vasectomies and five sham vasectomies, and all animals were placed on a high-cholesterol, atherogenic diet. The(More)