Niels C. Klendshoj

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1. The isolation of a group specific O substance from the gastric juice of human beings belonging to group O is described. Absorbed normal beef serum constitutes the anti-O reagent. 2. The O specific substance inhibits the agglutination of human red blood cells belonging to group O. The agglutination of A cells by the isoagglutinin anti-A, or B cells by the(More)
The spectrophotometry of carboxyhemoglobiu and oxyhemoglobin has been studied by Cherbuliee (l), Hiifner (2), Newcomer (3), Haurowitz (4), Kennedy (5), and Warburg (6). The absorption curves of these pigments (taken from a compilation of their results) are shown in Fig. 1. In 1900 Htifner (7) worked out a spectrophotometric method for the determination of(More)