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Contemporary business organizations are increasingly turning their attention to jointly creating value with a variety of stakeholders, such as individual customers and other business organizations. However, a review of the literature reveals that very few studies have systematically examined value cocreation within business-to-business (B2B) contexts. Using(More)
The exponentially growing production of data and the social trend towards openness and sharing are powerful forces that are changing the global economy and society. Governments around the world have become active participants in this evolution, opening up their data for access and re-use by public and private agents alike. The phenomenon of Open Government(More)
This paper presents findings from the development process of a general innovation framework for an ongoing Nordic R&D project on e-business and media. It focuses on the current state of the Danish news media sector and the conclusions we can draw from the " Web 2.0 activity " of the Danish newspapers. The paper concludes that the Web 2.0 offers the(More)
The tendency of acquiring information systems and other high technology services from international suppliers continues at unprecedented levels. The primary motivation for the offshore sourcing of technology and services continues to be labor cost arbitrage, and secondly, access to higher levels of expertise. Yet paradoxically, large gaps in technical(More)