Niels Billen

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The efficient evaluation of visibility in a three-dimensional scene is a longstanding problem in computer graphics. Visibility evaluations come in many different forms: figuring out what object is visible in a pixel; determining whether a point is visible to a light source; or evaluating the mutual visibility between 2 surface points. This paper provides a(More)
Computing direct illumination efficiently is still a problem of major significance in computer graphics. The evaluation involves an integral over the surface areas of the light sources in the scene. Because this integral typically features many discontinuities, introduced by the visibility term and complex material functions, Monte Carlo integration is one(More)
Evaluating the visibility between two points is a fundamental problem for ray-tracing and path-tracing algorithms. Ideally, visibility computations are organized such that a minimum number of geometric primitives need to be checked for each ray. Replacing complex geometric shapes by a simpler set of primitives is one strategy to control the amount of(More)
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