Niels Bandick

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1. The microbiological composition of litter (straw and wood shavings) was sampled, prior to placing 1-d-old chicks, during housing of the birds and after depopulation. Two independent trials were conducted. 2. The total aerobic plate count (APC) was determined and the predominant microflora of the samples was identified using flow charts. 3. Before chick(More)
A revised inspection system for fattening pigs in the EU has been proposed emphasizing the need for a more detailed documentation of the fattening process. It is supposed that the availability of such information enables a discrimination of conspicuous and non-conspicuous lots of fattening pigs delivered to the abattoir allowing for a modified, only visual(More)
BACKGROUND Non-lead hunting ammunition is an alternative to bullets that contain lead. The use of lead ammunition can result in severe contamination of game meat, thus posing a health risk to consumers. With any kind of ammunition for hunting, the terminal effectiveness of bullets is an animal welfare issue. Doubts about the effectiveness of non-lead(More)
In vielen Regionen der Welt werden Insekten von Menschen verspeist. Sie werden dort zumeist als ganze Insekten nach traditionellen Zubereitungen wie z.B. Kochen, Braten, Rösten, Grillen, Räuchern, Frittieren, Salzen, Würzen, Marinieren und Trocknen, verzehrt. In Europa hingegen ist der Verzehr von Insekten wenig verbreitet. Als Futtermittel für Nutztiere(More)
In two pig abattoirs of different slaughter capacities, the stunning efficacy of CO2 on finishing pigs with and without pneumonic lesions (observed post mortem) was reflected against the corneal-reflex and blood parameters (blood pH, pCO2 and pO2) from individual finishers. Stunning duration was 120 s (abattoir A) and 90 s (abattoir B), respectively.(More)
Field studies of meat inspection procedures in three different slaughter houses were performed in Germany, in 1996. In total 22,634 fattening pigs from 63 farms were inspected twice, using a visual and the traditional (mandatory inspection system) procedure. Statistical analysis was performed using the rate of ND+ (Non-Detected Positives) for both visual(More)
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