Niek Schrier

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To evaluate the mechanism by which phosphate induces renal injury, we placed uninephrectomized, partially nephrectomized, and intact rats on dietary phosphorus intakes varying between 0.5 and 2% for 18 weeks. None of the animals on a normal phosphorus intake (0.5%) had any abnormalities. Four out of six intact animals on a 1% phosphorus diet had kidney(More)
To evaluate the protective effect of dietary phosphorus restriction in an immunologic model of experimental renal disease, we randomized 24 Sprague-Dawley rats with established nephrotoxic serum nephritis into two groups. Group A animals (N = 13) were fed a diet with a normal phosphorus content (0.5% phosphorus), and group B animals (N = 11) received an(More)
Lecanicillium fungicola causes dry bubble disease and is an important problem in the cultivation of Agaricus bisporus. Little is known about the defense of mushrooms against pathogens in general and L. fungicola in particular. In plants and animals, a first attack by a pathogen often induces a systemic response that results in an acquired resistance to(More)
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