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Purification and Physico-chemical Characteristics Analysis of D.fordii Prain et Burkill Fraction DFPN-I
The crude polysaccharide was hot water extracted from D. fordii Prain et Burkill, and precipitated by ethanol. Apolysaccharide named DFPN-Ⅰ were prepared after degreasing ,deproteinixation andExpand
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Superheated Steam Temperature Control of Thermal Power Plant Based on ADRC Combined with Neural Network Strategy
According to the characteristics of main steam temperature controlled object,active disturbance rejection controller is designed based on neural network,the way of neural network combined with activeExpand
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Study on Electromagnetic Radiation of Ultra-High Voltage Power Transmission Line
With the rapid development of electric undertaking and the expansion of town scale, ultra-high voltage (such as ac 1000 kv, dc 800 kv) power transmission lines are coming to our lives. Expand
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Analysis of clinical effect of integrated traditional and western medicine therapy on 428 cases of snake bite in emergency medicine
Objective To discuss the procedure of integrated traditional and western medicine therapy of snake bite and compare the effect of the procedure with the single method in emergency medicine.MethodsExpand
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Carrier-trapping-based imaging evaluation model and experiment of pixellated CdZnTe detector
A flexible induced charge model of CdZnTe pixellated detector is presented. This model takes into account the charge trapping effect in the detection process. The distribution of the trapped carriersExpand
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The structure of epitaxial layers of uranium
Epitaxial layers of uranium have been grown on a variety of buffer/seed layers on sapphire substrates by UHV magnetron sputtering and their structure determined using x-ray diffraction. The bufferExpand
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Experiences in teaching kidney pathology to advanced students
Correct pathological diagnosis to renal disease is one of important abilities of nephrologists.According to the characteristics of hospital's advanced students,the paper introduces some teachingExpand
Optimization design of delustrant preparation system for full dull PET plant
According to the requirements of PET plant full-dull production line,the design idea and preparation process of delustrant TiO2 suspension and the characteristics of optimization plan were introduced in detail. Expand
Value of Application of Histamine Provocation Test and Airway Resistance Detection in Diagnosis and Therapeutic Efficacy in Preschool Children with Asthma
Objective To study the value of application of histamine provocation test and airway resistance measurement in diagnosis and therapeutic efficacy in preschool children with asthma.Methods HistamineExpand