Nidhi Subbaraman

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Theoretical calculations of hyperfine splitting values derived from the EPR spectra of TOAC spin-labeled rigid aligned alpha-helical membrane peptides reveal a unique periodic variation. In the absence of helical motion, a plot of the corresponding hyperfine splitting values as a function of residue number results in a sinusoidal curve that depends on the(More)
The alignment of membrane proteins provides pertinent structural and dynamic information. Structural topology data gleaned from such studies can be used to determine the functional mechanisms associated with a wide variety of integral membrane proteins. In this communication, we successfully demonstrate, for the first time, the determination of the(More)
Characterizing membrane protein structure and dynamics in the lipid bilayer membrane is very important but experimentally challenging. EPR spectroscopy offers a unique set of techniques to investigate a membrane protein structure, dynamics, topology, and distance constraints in lipid bilayers. Previously our lab demonstrated the use of magnetically aligned(More)