Nidhi Subbaraman

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Food from cloned animals is under fire in Europe with the European Commission (EC) calling in October for a temporary commercial suspension. John Dalli, European commissioner for health and consumer policy, describes the proposal as “a realistic and feasible solution to respond to the present welfare concerns.” A formal proposal for a fiveyear ban on the(More)
The triple test cross analysis in rice brought out that significant epistasis is present for most of the characters in the three crosses except for 100 grain weight in two crosses (Co 39 × Co 41) and (Co 39 × Co 40) and plant height in one cross (Co 39 × IR 20). Epistasis of ‘i’ (homozygote × heterozygote) and ‘l’ (heterozygote × heterozygote) interactions(More)
381 A study reporting that the median cost of bringing a new drug to market is as low as $59 million has met with considerable controversy. The authors, Donald W. Light of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, and Rebecca Warburton, of the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, estimate in(More)
The alignment of membrane proteins provides pertinent structural and dynamic information. Structural topology data gleaned from such studies can be used to determine the functional mechanisms associated with a wide variety of integral membrane proteins. In this communication, we successfully demonstrate, for the first time, the determination of the(More)
Theoretical calculations of hyperfine splitting values derived from the EPR spectra of TOAC spin-labeled rigid aligned alpha-helical membrane peptides reveal a unique periodic variation. In the absence of helical motion, a plot of the corresponding hyperfine splitting values as a function of residue number results in a sinusoidal curve that depends on the(More)
379 Torrent’s (now part of Life Technologies of Carlsbad, California) Personal Genomics Machine—a secondgeneration sequencing platform that they won in a competition—to broaden the reach of their assay. Elsewhere, Levi Garraway of the DanaFarber Cancer Center in Boston has developed the OncoMap assay, which interrogates over 400 distinct mutations in 41(More)
Lung cancer snuck into the lives of Angela Tan (not her real name) and those she loved. When she died her family and friends were stunned. The Chinese schoolteacher who lived in Singapore was in her early 40s and had never smoked a cigarette in her life. Tan’s death seemed to challenge the prevailing assumption that lung cancer is a smoker’s disease. In(More)
1229 second-generation biofuels. It’s part of the reason 54 ethanol manufacturers and Growth Energy, an ethanol supporters’ group based in Washington, DC, submitted the E15 Green Jobs Waiver to the EPA in the spring of 2009, petitioning the organization to amend the ethanol blend limit to 15%. The lobby group realized the 10% ethanol opportunity in gasoline(More)
995 monoclonal antibody, which will enter phase 1 testing for large B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Plans are also underway to work on five other projects over the coming year. The unit, operated by a 15-member team, is certified to meet current good manufacturing practice and contains two suites to separately work on mammalian and microbial(More)