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Our laboratory has designed a specific nested-PCR (N-PCR) assay, based on the hupB gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Rv2986c) and Mycobacterium bovis (Mb3010c) as a method to differentiate these closely related species. The present paper deciphers the utility of this assay for identification of pathogenic Mycobacteria in clinical samples. Extra-pulmonary(More)
To my sister Susan Nadine Grizzard – A truly amazing person ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Most importantly, I would like to deeply thank my advisor Dr. Henry Owen for his unparalleled brilliance and excellent guidance. His continuous encouragement and unwavering support have been of tremendous value to me. I would also like to thank my committee members Dr. Their(More)
Cloud systems provide a cost-effective service hosting infrastructure for application service providers (ASPs). However, cloud systems are often shared by multiple tenants from different security domains, which makes them vulnerable to various malicious attacks. Moreover, cloud systems often host long-running applications such as massive data processing,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to rigorously evaluate perceived differences in satisfaction with an electronic health record (EHR) between residents of two medical specialties who share the same health record, practice location, administration, and information technology support. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey was used comparing user satisfaction(More)
To my wife Yoko – iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I want to acknowledge a few of the many people who profoundly impacted my life. First, I want to thank my parents for their support and guidance. The decision to come to graduate school, a decision that changed how I see everything in life, I owe to Drs. Russell Peak and Masato Kikuchi. Since joining graduate school, I(More)
BACKGROUND Imerslund-Gräsbeck syndrome (IGS) was described just over 50 years ago by Olga Imerslund and Ralph Gräsbeck and colleagues. IGS is caused by specific malabsorption of cobalamin (Cbl) due to bi-allelic mutations in either the cubilin gene (CUBN) or the human amnionless homolog (AMN). Mutations in the two genes are commonly seen in founder(More)
In vitro inhibition of the fungal pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by Pseudomonas chlororaphis PA23 is reliant upon a LysR-type transcriptional regulator (LTTR) called PtrA. In the current study, we show that Sclerotinia stem rot and leaf infection are significantly increased in canola plants inoculated with the ptrA-mutant compared to the wild type,(More)
Introduction: Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neuromuscular dysfunction caused by lesions in the brain that occur before birth or in prenatal stages Vestibular system is one of the main structure to maintain balance, as it serves as an absolute reference in relation to the others, such as visual and somato sensorial systems. 1 Sufficiently administered vestibular(More)
— Glaucoma is caused due to unawareness in people which can be resulted in to the blindness. For patients affected by this, mass screening can be the best curable solution which can help to extend symptom-free life. Using hybrid feature extraction from digital fundus images, we propose a novel low cost automated glaucoma diagnosis system. Higher order(More)
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