Nidhi Malik

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This paper proposes a framework for developing Question Answering System for restricted domain using advanced NLP tools. The proposed model basically works over the concept of Information Extraction rather than the old technique of information Retrieval used by the search engines. The main objective of the model is to extract the exact and precise answer(More)
The field of question answering is a very fertile area of research. Till now most of the work that has been done in this area is either in open or closed domain. Restricted domain question answering is emerging as more appropriate and challenging area of research. This paper presents a generic architecture for development of a restricted domain question(More)
Agriculture plays a vital role in the economic growth of a country. With the evolution of internet, the agriculture sector is also becoming IT focused. In recent years, Semantic web has added altogether a new dimension to the World Wide Web. It has changed the way the internet was used by people. The Semantic web has provided solutions for intelligent(More)
Ontology is recently one of the hot issues in research community. Domain specific Ontologies are being utilized as a search engine on the web page with an objective to make searching on the web page substantially more efficient, especially when it is more important to find the right web page, than searching with usual keywords. Ontology can play a very(More)
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