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BACKGROUND Dermatoglyphics can prove to be an extremely useful tool for preliminary investigations in conditions with a suspected genetic base. Since caries is a multifactorial disease with the influence of genetic pattern, early prediction for high-risk children can help in using effective and efficient caries preventive measures that are a part of the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compares the efficiency of manual K-files and rotary ProFiles in cleaning capacity and instrumentation time in primary molar root canals. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventy-five maxillary and mandibular primary molar root canals were instrumented with ProFiles and K-files in the step-back manner from size #10 to #40. The teeth were(More)
The case presented here is of a 15-year-old girl in whom nearly all the teeth except for lower first molars and lower central incisors showed short roots as observed through panoramic radiograph. At the same time there was difference in the length of roots of various teeth. The patient suffered an acute attack of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) at the age of(More)
This is a case report of a 13-year old child diagnosed with hemophilia A. He reported with a bleeding wound in the middle part of the hard palate, due to trauma from a lead pencil. An intraoral palatal stent was planned to provide continuous pressure, stabilize the clot and allow local delivery of hemostatic agent. The stent was fabricated with a(More)
A multicentric quasi-experimental study was conducted in Delhi, from March 2007 to September 2007, on i) the factors which stimulate the donors to donate blood, ii) major barriers and myths associated with blood donation and iii) clinicians perception of the rational use of blood. The study design included a face-to-face survey, with a pre-tested(More)
CONTEXT There is concern regarding the irrational production, prescription and use of drugs in India. AIM This study aimed to describe the quality of prescriptions by dental practitioners of one particular college in a short period of time. MATERIALS AND METHODS A survey of all prescriptions dispensed from the various departments of K.L.E.S.'s Institute(More)
BACKGROUND Pain perception is a very controversial topic in child patients. It is affected by various factors such as fear, anxiety, previous experiences, parental factors, and pain threshold. The communication of such pain by the child to the parent is also very confusing with children having rudimentary and developing communication skills. A study to(More)
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