Nidal F. Shilbayeh

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Face detection is the problem of determining whether there are human faces in the image and tries to make a judgment on whether or not that image contains a face. In this paper, we propose a face detector using an efficient architecture based on a Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) neural network and Maximal Rejection Classifier (MRC). The proposed approach(More)
Problem statement: The effect of varying the number of nodes in the hidden layer and number of iterations are important factors in the recognition rate. In this paper, a novel and effective criterion based on Cross Pruning (CP) algorithm is proposed to optimize number of hidden neurons and number of iterations in Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP) neural based(More)
This paper is intended to present the outcome of a study conducted on the cavitation data collected from accelerometer which is installed at the down stream of the cavitation test loop, to illustrate that the hidden neurons in an ANN modelling tool, indeed, do have roles to play in percentage of classification of cavitation signal. It sheds light on the(More)
Handwritten Hindi digit recognition plays an important role in eastern Arab countries especially in the courtesy amounts of Arab bank checks, recognizing numbers in car plates, or in postal code for mail sorting. In our study, we proposed an efficient Hindi Digit Recognition System drawn by the mouse and developed using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network(More)
Multiplicative inverse is a crucial operation in public key cryptography, and been widely used in cryptography. Public key cryptography has given rise to such a need, in which we need to generate a related public and private pair of numbers, each of which is the inverse of the other. The basic method to find multiplicative inverses is Extended-Euclidean(More)
With the spread of the internet and networks, more people are relying on information sharing to research any subject. The number of Websites that are providing information on a single subject is huge. Some subjects and issues are somehow more sensitive to some people than others. However, there is no agreed upon mechanism for authenticating the content(More)
This paper studies the probability of using cloning subscriber identity module (SIM) cards in Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems. It also explores how the mobile system can discover the cloning SIM cards as soon as possible and how to reduce the probability of using cloning SIM cards in mobile networks. The illegal mobile station attached to mobile(More)
Handwritten Hindi digit recognition plays an important role in eastern Arab countries especially in the courtesy amounts of Arab bank checks. In this paper, we proposed an efficient offline handwritten Hindi digits recognition system and developed using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network (MLP). The implemented system recognizes separated handwritten Hindi(More)
The voltage/current characteristics and the effect of NO 2 gas on the electrical conductivity of a PbPc gas sensor array is investigated. The gas sensor is manufactured using vacuum deposition of gold electrodes on sapphire substrate with the lead-phathalocyanine vacuum sublimed on the top of the gold electrodes. Two versions of the PbPc gas sensor array(More)