Nidal Dehni

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BACKGROUND Leak or stenosis following laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) can lead to a major morbidity. We aim to evaluate whether the routine use of intraoperative endoscopy (IOE) can reduce this morbidity. METHODS All cases of LRYGB in 2009-2014 were reviewed. In all cases, we perform an IOE. If IOE shows a leak, the area of the leak is(More)
Cancer is one of the most common causes of death among morbidly obese individuals. Obese individuals have a well-documented increased risk of colon cancer. No guidelines are available for the workup of bariatric surgery patients in relation to colon cancer. The indications for screening colonoscopy at the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute Abu Dhabi (BMI Abu(More)
BACKGROUND Bariatric operations performed at the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute Abu Dhabi are submitted randomly from the entire surgery volume at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City to the American College of Surgeons (ACS) NSQIP. Our aim is to report our early experience and compare our bariatric surgery outcomes with ACS NSQIP hospitals of similar size. (More)
OBJECTIVE The efficacy of a cisplatin-anthracycline combination, early debulking surgery, and intraperitoneal chemotherapy has been demonstrated through separate studies. We evaluated a multimodal treatment strategy integrating these therapeutic options. METHODS Women with stage III or IV ovarian carcinoma received six cycles of cisplatin/epirubicin(More)
In reference to a personal series of 100 partial interruptions of the inferior vena cava (74 clips, 11 Mobin-Uddin umbrellas, 15 Greenfiled's filters), the authors analyze the criteria of choice in various procedures where the mortality, morbidity and sequellae remain low. In light of these results, the current place of surgery in the prevention of(More)
Between September 1990 and December 1993, 283 consecutive patients were admitted with clinical symptoms of acute appendicitis. These patients underwent primary laparoscopic approach so that an appendicectomy could be performed by this method. In 49 cases (17.3%), primary laparoscopic examination corrected the preoperative diagnosis and the appendix was left(More)
Aneurysm of the inferior mesenteric artery is rare. Often unrecognized unless complicated, it is, today, demonstrated by sonography or tomodensitometry and confirmed by angiography. Usually observed in patients with atheroma, it presents a mechanical origin secondary to a "jet disorder" phenomenon occurring in an artery with a hyper-output, responsible for(More)
442 Background: Previous reports suggested that colorectal cancers (CRC) appear at younger age in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE). However, these reports included nationals and expatriates in their analysis with heterogeneous population leading to biased analysis. our objective was to determine age and stage of disease in newly diagnosed UEA nationals with(More)
OBJECTIVES The goal of this study was to evaluate the long-term outcome after consolidation intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy in patients with a negative second-look laparotomy (SLL) following first-line intravenous chemotherapy for advanced ovarian cancer. METHODS This study included patients with FIGO stage III-IV ovarian cancer who entered into four(More)