Nida Hassan

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Mechanisms controlling CD11c(+) MHCII(+) DCs during corneal epithelial wound healing were investigated in a murine model of corneal abrasion. Selective depletion of NKp46(+) CD3- NK cells that normally migrate into the cornea after epithelial abrasion resulted in >85% reduction of the epithelial CD11c(+) MHCII(+) DCs, normally present during and after(More)
This paper summarizes the design and fabrication of a four degree of freedom autonomous robotic arm using Digital image processing. The robotic arm boasts a high performance, RISC architecture based microcontroller manufactured by Atmel, the AtMega16. Control of the robotic arm has been achieved successfully using four servo motors, each of which(More)
Age estimation is a crucial parameter involved in investigations pertaining to civil and criminal procedures. It also aids in various examinations in forensic medicine, pediatrics, endocrinology and radiology. One of the important methods for skeletal age estimation is the age of fusion of the epiphyses. But there occur variations in the skeletal ages due(More)
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