Nicusor Calinoiu

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To understand how the 'caregiving context' could affect responses to procedural pain, the authors sought to determine whether (1) the combined effects of sweet taste and holding (caregiving contact) were greater than the effects of either alone, (2) any combined effects were additive or interactive, and (3) the interventions had similar effects on(More)
— This paper presents a modeling and identification procedure for Radio Frequency Power Amplifier (PA) in continuous time representation. The proposed method is based on a combined approach using time and frequency domain. The microwave PA dynamics are described by the continuous Hammerstein model. The distortion function coefficients were estimated using(More)
— This paper presents a power amplifier(PA) cascade model that uses delay taps to obtain the intermodulation distortion(IMD) asymmetries. A new mathematical method is developed, based on the fourier transform of the gain and phase output, to extract the model parameters and delays for each harmonic. The spectral asymmetries are characterized by distortions(More)
This paper presents a power amplifier (PA) cascade model, using two polynomial functions for amplitude and phase variations and multiple delay taps. This model allows an accurate modeling of the output envelope distortion and spectral asymmetries. To extract the model coefficients and delays for each non linearity order, an analytical method is developed.(More)
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