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Root hairs secrete ATP as they grow, and extracellular ATP and ADP can trigger signaling pathways that regulate plant cell growth. In several plant tissues the level of extracellular nucleotides is limited in part by ectoapyrases (ecto-NTPDases), and the growth of these tissues is strongly influenced by their level of ectoapyrase expression. Both chemical(More)
BACKGROUND The early clinical trials using fetal ventral mesencephalic (VM) allografts in Parkinson's disease (PD) patients have shown efficacy (albeit not in all cases) and have paved the way for further development of cell replacement therapy strategies in PD. The preclinical work that led to these clinical trials used allografts of fetal VM tissue placed(More)
TFE3 and TFEB are members of the MiT family of HLH-leucine zipper transcription factors. Recent studies demonstrated that they bind overlapping sets of promoters and are post-transcriptionally regulated through a similar mechanism. However, while Tcfeb knockout (KO) mice die during early embryonic development, no apparent phenotype was reported in Tfe3 KO(More)
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