Nicolo Pecora

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C hildren’s television provides kids with stories, with material for their fantasy and offers images about the world. In this process television also gives them an idea of what it means to be a girl or boy, a woman and a man. While it is firstly the daily experiences in their immediate social environment which influence their world view, the media – and in(More)
In this paper we investigate the dynamics of a Cournot duopoly game with differentiated goods in which boundedly rational firms apply a gradient adjustment mechanism to update the quantity produced in each period. As in Ahmed et al. (2015), the demand functions are derived from an underlying CES utility function. The present analysis reveals that a higher(More)
We survey the theoretical findings and a set of applications in several different fields concerning two-dimensional maps characterized by a vanishing denominator. This family of maps, and the related dynamic properties, were originally brought to the attention of the researchers through their appearance in an economic application. Nowadays such maps have(More)
This paper proposes a new methodology based on non-negative matrix factorization to detect communities and to identify central nodes in a network as well as within communities. The method is specifically designed for directed weighted networks and, consequently, it has been applied to the interbank network derived from the e-MID interbank market. In an(More)
We study the housing market using a partial “dis”-equilibrium dynamic model in which the rational expectations hypothesis is relaxed in favor of chartist-fundamentalist mechanism to allows for the endogenous development of bubbles. Our model is able to replicate the recent house price dynamics in the US, with the preference shock being the main forcing(More)
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