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BACKGROUND Body mass index (BMI) based on self-reported height and weight has been criticized as being biased because of an observed tendency for overweight and obese people to overestimate height and underestimate weight, resulting in higher misclassification for these groups. We examined the validity of BMI based on self-reported values in a sample of(More)
The key goal of metabolomic studies is to identify relevant individual biomarkers or composite metabolic patterns associated with particular disease status or patho-physiological conditions. There are currently very few approaches to evaluate the variability of metabolomic data in terms of characteristics of individuals or aspects pertaining to technical(More)
There is increasing ambiguity towards national mammographic screening programs due to varying publicized estimates of overdiagnosis, i.e., breast cancer that would not have been diagnosed in the women’s lifetime outside screening. This analysis compares the cumulative incidence of breast cancer in screened and unscreened women in Norway from the start of(More)
BACKGROUND The understanding of changes in temporal processes related to human carcinogenesis is limited. One approach for prospective functional genomic studies is to compile trajectories of differential expression of genes, based on measurements from many case-control pairs. We propose a new statistical method that does not assume any parametric shape for(More)
Visualization is a key step in scientific analysis and understanding in many fields. Scientific studies often require development of software that produces visualizations. However, as a study proceeds, the software evolves, and both developers and expert users have to periodically ascertain how code modifications affect visualization output and hence the(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past decade, visitors to Alaska have spent increasing amounts of time engaged in water-based recreational activities aboard vessels of various sizes. Serious vessel-related injuries to travelers in Alaska involve not only medical care from unfamiliar health care providers and facilities but also entail the loss of vacation time and the(More)
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