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Adolescent rodents differ markedly from adults in several neuro-behavioural parameters. Moreover, ‘paradoxical’ responses to psychostimulants have been reported at this age. Thus, we investigated the responses of adolescent (post-natal day, PND, 34 to 43) and adult (PND >60) Sprague–Dawley male rats to the psychostimulant drug methylphenidate (MPH). We used(More)
Ndt80 contributes to the highly regulated cascade of sequential gene expression that directs spore formation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This DNA-binding transcriptional activator, which is responsible for the expression of a set of middle sporulation-specific genes, is a target of the meiotic recombination checkpoint. Triggering of this checkpoint(More)
OBJECTIVE Endocrine complications characterised patients with β thalassaemia (βT). In particular, thyroid dysfunction occurs frequently in βT major, but its long-term natural history is poorly understood. DESIGN A total of 72 βT patients were followed for 8 years. The incidence of thyreopathies, defined as the primary study endpoint, was assessed. The aim(More)