Nicoletta Bianchi

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With the invention and rapid improvement of data-capturing devices, such as satellite imagery and digital cameras, the information that archaeologists must manage in their everyday's activities has rapidly grown in complexity and amount. In this work we present Indiana Finder, an interactive visualization system that supports archaeologists in the(More)
This paper presents the first results achieved within the In-diana MAS project funded by Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research, MIUR. We discuss how the AgentSketch holon belonging to the Indiana MAS has been extended to cope with images, besides hand drawn sketches, and has been tested in the domain of Mount Bego's prehistoric rock art(More)
This paper presents the Indiana Ontology for modeling the knowledge about Mount Bego's rock art and its exploitation in the IndianaMAS project. Although many projects use ontologies for semantic processing of cultural heritage digital objects, we are not aware of such ontologies in the rock art domain. Also, the Indiana Ontology is fully and seamlessly(More)
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