Nicoletta Adamo-Villani

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This paper describes the implementation and evaluation of the second iteration of SMILE (<b><i>S</i></b>cience and <b><i>M</i></b>ath in an <b><i>I</i></b>mmersive <b><i>L</i></b>earning <b><i>E</i></b>nvironment), an immersive learning game that employs a fantasy 3D virtual environment to engage deaf and hearing children in math and science-based(More)
Two approaches to teaching math and science to deaf and hearing children use 3D animated interactive software. S ensory-disabled individuals face barriers in schools, workplaces, and social venues. Education related to STEM topics is a pressing problem for the deaf, as deaf individuals are significantly under-represented in science and engineering, 1 and(More)
In this article, we describe the development of two novel approaches to teaching math and science concepts to deaf children using 3D animated interactive software. One approach, Mathsigner, is non-immersive and the other, SMILE, is a virtual reality immersive environment. The content is curriculum-based, and the animated signing characters are constructed(More)
We present a new highly interactive program to teach American Sign Language (ASL) for K-3 mathematics by 3D animation. We aim at increasing: (1) the opportunity for deaf children to learn arithmetic via interactive media; (2) the effectiveness of (hearing) parents in teaching arithmetic to their deaf children; (3) the effectiveness of ASL K-8 mathematics(More)
In this paper, we describe the design and development of an interactive virtual environment whose objective is to help undergraduate students learn and review the concept and practices of differential leveling. The virtual environment includes realistic terrains and leveling instruments that look, operate, and produce results comparable to the physical(More)
The general goal of our research is the creation of a natural and intuitive interface for input and recognition of American Sign Language (ASL) math signs. The specific objective of this work is the development of two new interfaces for the Mathsigner tm application. Mathsigner tm is an interactive, 3D animation-based game designed to increase the(More)