Nicole van der Merwe

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Genomic medicine is based on the knowledge that virtually every medical condition, disease susceptibility or response to treatment is caused, regulated or influenced by genes. Genetic testing may therefore add value across the disease spectrum, ranging from single-gene disorders with a Mendelian inheritance pattern to complex multi-factorial diseases. The(More)
Previous research has shown that patients who are satisfied with their interactions with a health provider tend to adhere to treatment. This study sets out to investigate the quality of the communication in the interactions between clinic nurses at a Western Cape clinic and newly notified tuberculosis patients. Routine interviews between clinic nurses and(More)
Approximately 25 % of clinically important drugs and numerous environmental carcinogens are metabolised by CYP2D6. Variation in the CYP2D6 gene and concomitant use of tamoxifen (TAM) with certain antidepressants may increase recurrence risk in breast cancer patients due to reduced enzyme activity. In this study we determined the appropriateness of adding(More)
Research in health communication shows communication to be an important aspect of successful health-care. Moreover, training courses which provide feedback have been shown to improve health professionals' ability to conduct successful interviews. This article describes a rating instrument which was developed in order to facilitate teaching and assessing the(More)
Panel-based next generation sequencing (NGS) is currently preferred over whole exome sequencing (WES) for diagnosis of familial breast cancer, due to interpretation challenges caused by variants of uncertain clinical significance (VUS). There is also no consensus on the selection criteria for WES. In this study, a pathology-supported genetic testing (PSGT)(More)
The fixed wordlength direct form structure is very sensitive with respect to coefficient quantization. In this paper a novel direct form structure is introduced and analysed. Performance is comparable to, for example, the cascade form structure. Guidelines are presented for the optimal design of filters without product quantization A novel intrastage noise(More)
BACKGROUND Hookah pipe smoking is a social practice and has gained popularity, especially among South African youth. The extent of this practice among health sciences students, and their knowledge regarding the health risks, are unknown. This is important, as these students will become future health professionals possibly influencing the practice of(More)
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