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Everyday experience suggests that people are equally aware of stimuli in both hemifields. However, when two streams of stimuli are rapidly presented left and right, the second target (T2) is better identified in the left hemifield than in the right hemifield. This left visual field (LVF) advantage may result from differences between hemifields in attracting(More)
Serial determinations of total protein and sialic acid concentrations were carried out in individual cervical mucus samples of normal women, throughout the menstrual cycle as well as under the influence of estrogen and progestagen steroids. Total protein was titrated by a modified micro-biuret method and sialic acid was determined using the "Direct Ehrlich"(More)
When embedded in the left or right stream of rapidly changing distractors, the second target (T2) is systematically better identified on the left than on the right. This left visual field advantage (LVFA) was recently attributed to better abilities of the right hemisphere in stimulus-driven orienting of attention: it was almost absent when salient(More)
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