Nicole Waters

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Development of cortical sensory systems is influenced by environmental experience during "sensitive periods," before onset of behavioral function. During these periods, synaptic plasticity is observed, and neuronal function shows increased responsiveness to environmental stimulation. Because the hippocampus is late to develop, and because it demonstrates(More)
In 27 female Wistar rats, the authors obtained composite scores on harm avoidance and novelty seeking, as well as 57 measures of monoamines and metabolites from 10 different brain regions. A multivariate regression method was used to discover associations between individual differences in temperament and neurochemistry. Harm-avoidant subjects had low levels(More)
1 has become the founda-tional opinion in the modern law of scientific evidence and arguably one of the most important decisions in the area of tort reform. Over the years, the Daubert test for scientific admissibility has spawned countless articles, symposia, and informal discussions about its merits and drawbacks, particularly in contrast to its principal(More)
iii Acknowledgments I would like to take this moment to thank those who played a crucial role in my success in the Institute for Court Management. First of all, I would like to thank Judge Judy Ferguson for believing and supporting me throughout ALL of my educational endeavors. I have not forgotten the conversation we had in 2010, when you gave me that push(More)
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